Free Software For All 2007 was an event that will showcase some of the best open source applications around, and demonstrate that no matter what it is you're doing, there'll be an open source project that's relevant to your needs.

At Free Software For All, information on and demonstrations of open source software were available in 5 categories: Home Productivity, Business Productivity, Games, Media and Operating Systems.

Home Productivity

In this area, we'll be covering the sorts of applications that can help you in a home environment. From word processors to educational software, there'll be something to let you unleash your creativity.

Business Productivity

Covering both generic business applications (ranging from server to front of house) and specialist productivity applications (such as sound editing software, programming utilities, and 3D modeling apps), we discussed how open source software can help you reduce total cost of ownership as well as save you from vendors who are constantly trying to force you to buy upgrades.


To showcase some of the best open source games around, we were planning a friendly tournament that the public could participate in that covered genres from first person shooters to arcade games and simulations. Unfortunately, technical issues prevented this from being possible and instead, we made our tournament machines available for people to walk up to and play.


We also be covered you how you can utilise open source software to manage your music, organise videos, capture TV and share it all with other computers on your network.

Operating Systems

The range of open source operating systems available can be confusing at the best of times. During Free Software For All 2007, we made discussed some of the differences and provided the information needed to be able to choose the best operating system for you and your computer.

A press release regarding the event is available in PDF format here